The mission of the ISE大使 is to seek and support the growth & improvement of the 手机赌钱游戏平台 Industrial & Systems Engineering department through collaboration with faculty, administration, student body, and alumni, and to represent the department’s goals and values in every necessary case.

We are a diverse group of students who bring our demonstrated leadership and passion together to make positive impacts in the ISE Department. ISE大使 engage in a variety of mission-based efforts, such as teaching the ISE section of EGN1002 Introduction to Engineering, conducting tours for prospective faculty and students, hosting forums connecting students to one another and to the faculty, interacting with alumni on the behalf of the department, and many other internally and externally focused projects. As student ambassadors, we are dedicated to building and maintaining the 手机赌钱游戏平台’s ISE Department as one of the best Industrial & Systems Engineering programs in the country through these types of tasks and in our daily life and habits.